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Dubai Copyright Office

Dubai Copyright Office is the leading service provider in the MENA region in the field of Intellectual Property protection. 

Company develop structures for protection of:

  • brands, 
  • websites, 
  • mobile apps, 
  • designs, packages, 
  • media materials, marketing materials, 
  • literary works, 
  • works of art and science, 
  • business projects etc. 


Dubai Copyright Office is an exclusive representative in MENA region of the International Online Copyright Office INTEROCO (Berlin, Germany).

We offer international protection of your intellectual property within 10 days with recognition in 172 countries and lifetime validity.


Having the INTEROCO author’s certificate:

1. You will receive automatic registration of the object in 172 countries around the world (incl. UAE).

2. The term of validity of the certificate – during the life of the author plus 50 years after his death.

3. The certificate could be issued for private individual or for legal entity.

4. You do not need to pay any support duties.

5. You will receive an online reference to deposited object, respectively, in case of violation of your rights do not need to find the unfair competitor and physically show him any documents, just send a web link on copyright object.

6. If you have a dispute with unfair competitor – the experts of the Dubai Copyright Office will give you free advice.

Do You really own items of intellectual property like your Logo, Website, Mobile app, Software, Product Packaging you produce, that you think is yours?

No? Then You’re in potential danger!!


Call us +97150 3420877 and ask for free consultation about protection of intellectual property.

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Dubai Copyright Office
Posted Saturday, April 22nd, 2017